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At Aquaglaze Pool Painting we can improve your old or new spa or swimming pool surface with a stunning, luxurious new painted finish using Aquaglaze's Epoxy high build pool painting system. Using Hitchens Technologies Expoxy pool paint for our pool painting - we can ensure the best quality pool painting on the Australian market. We offer our pool painting services in Sydney NSW..

Low Cost

If your swimming pool is in need of a 'make over' and cost is a major factor then Epoxy painting is the most cost effective solution in the market for small and large pools alike.

Applied to any Pool Surface

Our Epoxy swimming pool paint can be applied to old or new Marblesheen, Pebblecrete, fiberglass, concrete or previously painted swimming pool surfaces. 

Wide Colour Range 

With a wonderful colour selection to choose from you can create any look to fit in with your swimming pool design. Our pool paint has a proven performance of over 20 years to protect your investment.

Epoxy swimming pool paint also provides a smooth hard surface which is very easy to maintain. With a life expectancy of between 7 - 12 years.  Aquaglaze Pool Resurfacing offers a one year warranty on our pool painting                                                             

Aquaglaze Pool Resurfacing's Epoxy pool painting has a very high resistance to chalking, salt-water and chlorinated chemicals. The durable finish will also improve resistance to black spot and other algae.

You could join many of our satisfied customers who are enjoying the performance we offer with the Epoxy swimming pool painting system designed especially for the demanding Australian conditions.

If you're after a new look for your swimming pool and require prompt service then leave your details on our contact page (click here) and we will give you an estimated price by phone or email.

Application of Epoxy paint to your swimming pool

Our skilled team of applicators ensure that your pool is properly prepared prior to the application of two coats of the Epoxy high build swimming pool paint.









Examples of previous pool painting

Marblesheen Painted

 Pool painting on Marblesheen

Fibreglass Painted    

       Pool painting Fibreglass

Pool painted Marblesheen 

Pool painting Marblesheen 

Painted Marblesheen

Pool painted Marblesheen

More examples





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